NO FUN is an online magazine of sorts, assembling writings, interviews and everyday fragments spanning the topics of our bored/busy/hyperactive/disconnected/loving/trying lives.

Formed by Jess Henderson of Outsider. I am an author, writer, theorist, researcher, and activist. This is the home of my thoughts.

I am working as an independent thinker and author. My book Offline Matters: The Less-Digital Guide to Creative Work (Amsterdam: BIS Publishers, 2020) comes out in September. It’s a handbook of radical strategies for the creative worker that takes a counter-cultural trip through industry superstitions and worker activism. The book culminates from three years of research working inside of the creative industries, conducted through Outsider.

My work as Senior Researcher at the Institute of Network Cultures can be found here.

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Offline Matters is a much needed take-down of the whole ‘cult of creativity’ from the inside. This rattle gun attack on the perniciousness of the creative digital work will leave you aghast and amused in equal measure.

—Oli Mould, author of Against Creativity
'No Fun' is a nod to the Stooges' anthem for boredom, to Sara Ahmed, 
and fellow feminist killjoys around the world.