Remembering NDA’s

Today I was sent an ‘NDA’ to sign by a new client. What a blast from the past. Rather than signing it, I started to dream of alternatives to the acronym. Something more fitting.

Not Doing Anything
‘Nother Dis Agreement
New Dull Assignment
No Diverging Allowed
Nasty Dilemma Anticipated

Never Dispute Anything
Nepotist Domination Alibi
Now! Dregs Available
Non-Disparaging Art
Nod Don’t Ask

For months I’ve carried this bag that was borrowed during a house-sitting experience and never returned. It’s no big political statement from me, merely a good sized carry-all. However, it is an astonishing crowd pleaser. You would not believe the amount of strangers that have stopped me with a huge smile to say ‘love your bag!’. Is this part of the same world? Do we find these control efforts laughable now?

New Drivel Avail
No Disobedience Accepted
Next Dreaded (Skype)Appointment
Needy Desperate Authority
Nein: Dialogue Abjured

Naive Disturbing AdobePDF
Nagging Demoded ArtDirector
Native Distracting Advertising
New Disagreement a’Coming
Naturally Don’t Adhere…

Naked Days Allowed
Numb Done Ad-work
Near Death Activity
Nonsense Document Arrived
No Dependable Ally

Neglegence Dismissed AtOnce
Next Dreaded Account
Nixed Drafts Abound
Now: Definite Abidance
Notoriety Decides Adieu

Nonessential-Discussion Antidote
Next Desperate Agency
No Delays Afforded
Nod Don’t Adulterate
Narcisistic Dated Agency

Nightmares. Doom. Anguish.